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partners in crime

P.i.C Style

PiC Concrete

P.i.C Style was born out of an obsession to do fashion the right way. Put simply, people want to know where their clothes come from and who makes them.

Our label, P.i.C, is consciously designed and lovingly made around the corner in our local London factory. Not only are our fabrics locally sourced, sustainable, organic or select stock material, but P.i.C is never mass-produced.

Buying with us gives you more. Our P.i.C collection is rotatable and interchangeable, giving you more flexibility than a lifetime of downward dogs. You can create over 50 clean looks from just eight beautiful pieces. And we’ll show you how.

We’ve also discovered awesome brands that share our ethos. Together we’ve created an e.P.i.C collection that works beautifully with our P.i.C statement pieces.

Inevitably there was always going to be a brand, and P.i.C is doing it the right way.

It’s time to stop overbuying and instead choose stuff you love, and invest in it. We believe there is a better way.

Join us. Rebel.
Be part of the slow fashion revolution.

this is fashion for the future

Leave us your DNA... become a partner in crime